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Welcome to my Information Management Resource Guide Website.  Currently, it contains the following sections:
  • General Resources ("General") - a critical bibliography of five introductory articles.
  • Metadata Resources ("Metadata") - a critical bibliography of fifteen categorised articles in the specialist area of metadata.
  • Information Management Websites ("Websites") - categorised links to representative information management Websites.
This site has been designed so that additional pages may be easily added and existing pages expanded at any time.  Please check back frequently for updates.  Links to new pages will appear on both the left hand navigation bar and at the top navigation section of each page.

I trust that information management professionals and students will find this site to be of considerable value in their work and studies, and that it will allow those not currently involved in information management to see the many benefits this discipline has to offer to business, government and the educational sectors of society.

Anthony Larme 2002
Comments and questions are most welcome