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Name: Jane Bole 

Occupation: artist/night cleaner (former New York fashion model)

Allies: Frank, Mary, Carol

Enemies: Barnes, Edwards, Peter, James

Notable possessions: modest, bulky, loose fitting black and grey clothing; grandmother's pocket watch; Chinese parasol; camera; makeup; artist's studio and artworks; short dressing gown; ketchup bottle; modelling portfolio; newspaper clippings of her former life

Goal: to banish her loneliness by having a loving, romantic relationship with a man (preferably Frank) who will not betray or assault her in any way. 

Obstacles: in order to do this, she must overcome her fears of intimacy with the opposite sex, especially that such a relationship will likely lead to her or the man's serious injury or untimely death.

Other remarks: Jane tries hard not to attract men by living a relatively reclusive life and wearing boring clothing and little or no makeup when outside her apartment.  Despite this, her face and hair are still as perfect as they were during her modelling days and she wears makeup and a wider variety of clothing at home, indicating her wish to ultimately overcome her fears and resume a far less stressful existence.  She has a very powerful imagination and senses of curiosity and creativity that can be both a blessing and a curse.  Jane's highly charismatic (yet introverted) personality and stunning physical beauty deeply affects everyone who comes in contact with her.


Name: Frank ? (Chris Bradford)

Occupation: musician/newspaper vending machine filler

Allies: Jane, Carol

Enemies: Barnes, Edwards, Peter, James

Notable possessions: leather jacket, old station wagon, newspapers, saxophone, bandage, aspirin

Goal: to banish his loneliness by having a loving relationship with a woman (preferably Jane) that is based on much more than sex alone.

Obstacles: in order to do this, he must learn patience, persistence, and understanding.

Other remarks: Frank knows he is being used by Carol to satisfy her sexual desires, but he is desperately lonely and will take any female companionship he can get until he meets his ideal genuine romantic partner.  He does all he can to draw Jane out of her shell.  Apparently, he has a particular attraction for blonde haired women.  Frank has an easy-going manner that lapses into occasional mild depression whenever he dwells too hard on his loneliness. 


Name: Lester Jack Barnes (Larry Musser)

Occupation: security guard

Falsely considered allies: Jane, Mary

Enemies: Jane, Mary, Frank, Edwards, Peter

Notable possessions: divorce decree, pornography

Goal: to banish his loneliness by "taking care of" any woman he fancies.

Obstacle: in the process of trying to do this, he is rejected by these women, mainly because they see him as a "dirty old man".

Other remarks: It is not clear whether Barnes' dismal divorce settlement drove him to "dirty" behaviour or if it was a result of such behaviour.  Either way, he is eager to find a woman of any age that he can have some sort of sexual relationship with on his terms alone.  He cannot take "no" for an answer, particularly as he thinks any woman he "likes" likes him too.  Lewd and often fetishist behaviour towards this end has seen him dismissed from earlier security roles.  His military intelligence training has provided him with useful research abilities which he sometimes uses to pursue women.


Name: Detective Daniel Edwards (Christopher Shyer)

Occupation: police officer

Falsely considered an ally: Jane

Enemies: Jane, Frank, Barnes, Peter

Notable possessions: Jane's murder case files

Goal: to "protect" women he encounters in a state of distress while on duty by dating them and/or physically assaulting whoever has harmed them.

Obstacle: some of these women are not as helpless as he supposes and consider his offers of protection to be exploitative and totally unwanted attempts at control.

Other remarks: Edwards tries to date the women he wants to protect.  Refusals lead to obsessive preoccupations with such women which may lead to violence against them.  He is also preoccupied with the idea of celebrity, especially arising from notorious criminal cases.


Name: Peter Lee Enric (Paul Jarrett)

Occupation: unknown

Falsely considered an ally: Jane

Enemies: Jane, Frank, Barnes, Edwards

Notable possessions: glasses, black clothing, book on dealing with complex male-female relationships, notepad and pen, computer, box cutters, magazine with Jane on cover 

Goal: to banish his loneliness by sleeping with women who fulfil his sexual fantasies.

Obstacle: women tend to reject him because of his aggressive and depressed personality.

Other remarks: A classic stalker with a history of minor crime, Peter cannot take "no" for an answer and obsessively researches and actively pursues any woman he fancies.  Any form of rejection by the woman concerned just makes him more determined.  Peter has a preference for "younger women".


Name: Mary Saleski (Sarah Rodgers)

Occupation: night cleaner

Ally: Jane

Enemy: Barnes

Notable possessions: personal diary, Hawaiian vacation souvenirs

Goal: to banish her loneliness by finding and living with the man of her dreams.

Obstacles: she seems too old and desperate for most men and has borderline lesbian inclinations.

Other remarks: Mary is frustrated by her inability to find a new partner after the failure of her previous relationship six years ago.  Even warm, sunny Hawaiian vacations cannot banish this semi-despair.  She sees her only hope in placing ads in the personal columns of the local newspaper.


Name: Carol ? (Samantha Crew)

Occupation: nightclub server

Allies: Frank, Jane

Enemies: none

Notable possessions: flyers from sex clubs, drugs, keys to Frank's apartment

Goal: to be as sexually adventurous as possible with no real regard to issues of love.

Obstacle: none

Other remarks: Carol seems to have no problems with life at all.  As long as she gets promiscuous sex (straight and lesbian) and drugs, her life is complete.  Although she is attracted to her co-worker Frank, she does not mind when his more subdued inclinations make him look elsewhere.


Name: James Streather DECEASED (James Bamford)

Occupation: fashion photographer

Falsely considered an ally: Jane

Enemies: Jane, Frank

Notable possessions: photographic studio, camera, camera tripod

Goal: to satisfy his animalistic lust for Jane arising out of her supposedly flirtatious behaviour around him and his cocaine drug taking.

Obstacle: Jane's very strong determination not to be raped and/or killed by anyone under any circumstances.

Other remarks: This famous New York fashion photographer threw away his reputation and indeed his life in a foolish, inexcusable and vicious act against his model client Jane.  Initially, Jane was put on trial for murder after she successfully defended herself against the attack at the cost of James' life, but the truth was soon revealed and Jane was set free.


Name: Payton Rule (herself)

Occupation: musician

Allies: Jefreejon, Frank

Enemies: none

Notable possessions: skimpy clothing, microphone

Goal: to entertain patrons at the Nimble Hippo nightclub with her singing in partnership with jefreejon and Frank.

Obstacle: none

Other remarks: She has a superb singing voice and public relations skills.


Name: jefreejon (himself)

Occupation: musician

Allies: Payton Rule, Frank

Enemies: none

Notable possessions: synthesizer, headphones

Goal: to entertain patrons at the Nimble Hippo nightclub with his music in partnership with Payton Rule and Frank.

Obstacle: none

Other remarks: He knows how to create unforgettable electronica musical compositions.  A man of few words but tremendous talent.

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