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Your PoV codes for the three endings
Your PoV Ending Codes
Barnes   = B5P3I1WQYCAB (no article)
              = B563YG3EQCIB (article)

Peter      = BW5QAI1QIBYB


PoV Chapter Review

Chapter Codes
( Barnes storyline with all possible scenes )

chapter 1 = B5AAAAAAAAAA

chapter 2 = C56AAAAAAAAA

chapter 3 = D563AAAAAAAA

chapter 4 = E563IAAAAAAA

chapter 5 = F563IWAAAAAA

chapter 6 = G563IWGAAAAA

chapter 7 = H563IWGQAAAA

chapter 8 = I5V3I1GQYAAA

chapter 9 = J5V3I1GQYCAA

chapter 10 = K5V3I1GQYCQA

chapter 11 = L5V3I1GQYCQA


Part of an autographed poster from Payton Rule and jefreejon
Payton Rule and jefreejon Songs
(trailer | chapter 1 until first dialogue)

In the Shadows
(chapter 2 Mary's home)

(chapter 3 photos of Frank)

(chapter 3 photos of Jane)

(chapter 3 song by Frank)

Imaginary Friend
(chapter 4 longing)

Song for You
(chapter 5 sadness)

Love Dogs
(chapter 7 beginning)

Freak Show
(chapter 7 dream)

(chapter 10 love scene)

(chapter 12 chase, struggle and hug)

Funny Places
(end credits)

Jane's Police records in chapter 5Jane's Police records in chapter 8

( These are merely observations of trivia and should not be seen as criticisms )

Trailer and "making of" : 
  • The lead actress's name is not spelled correctly.  Her parents came to Canada from Munich, Germany, so her foreign name is sometimes not readily understood by those from English speaking cultures.  Her surname means "of purlins" in English.  A purlin is a horizontal beam running the length of a roof and supporting the top rafters of the roof.
  • In the "making of" only, Sarah Rodgers has her surname spelled without the "d" and Paul Jarrett has his surname spelled without the double "t".

Chapter 1 :

  • The address on Mary's postcard to Jane is incorrect.  See the chapter 5 bloopers for further information.

Chapter 2 : 

  • Jane is suddenly not wearing her headscarf when she hugs Mary.
  • An unexplained human shadow appears briefly in the upstairs area of Frank's apartment at the commencement of the sex scene.

Chapter 4 : 

  • A woman who walks by while Jane gets her paper near the beginning of this chapter moves unnaturally fast from the top to the bottom of the hill at Dunlevy Avenue.
  • Peter's Encounter is set at the Alibi Room, yet the Nimble Hippo sign may be seen on the sidewalk outside.

Chapter 5 :

  • The newspaper Jane obtains from Frank ("Vancouver Daily News") is different to the one she gets from him in chapter 1 (National Post).  Surely Frank places only one brand of newspaper in the machine at the corner of Railway Street and Dunlevy Avenue? 
  • What is the current date and when did Jane's murder trial take place?  Dates in 2000 shown here in the newspaper and on notices outside Railtown Studios contradict dates and date related statements in other chapters (e.g. the Explore section of chapter 8 and Jane's "six months ago" revelation to Frank in chapter 10). 
  • There is no "up" button outside the elevator doors, leading one to suspect that Jane's apartment is located on the top floor of Railtown Studios.  Yet, in chapter 6, Jane is shown to live in apartment 105, the prominent "1" presumably indicating the first floor of the building.
  • Jane's police files correctly record her address as apartment 105, 321 Railway Street (although some people might consider the address here to actually read "115").  Documents belonging to Edwards shown in chapter 8 indicate a very different current address for Jane, namely apartment 10 at 275 Railway Street (in real life, Railway Street starts at 303).
  • Mary's postcard to Jane shows the incorrect address of 275 Railway Street.  Furthermore, the address runs off the postcard and into the air to the right!
  • At the first occasion where Frank talks to Carol for a few seconds at the Nimble Hippo, the clock on the wall changes time by several minutes.

Chapter 6 :

  • A boom microphone can be seen very briefly at the top centre of the screen at the beginning of the first scene in this chapter.
  • As Barnes tries on Jane's cleaning gloves, he initially fails to pull one of the gloves over his watch.  Suddenly, without any clear reason, the glove covers his watch. 
  • When Jane is running through the streets during the night chase, she is shown to start to run down Powell Street, passing the "Rooms" sign.  In the next shot, she is strangely back at the corner of Gore Avenue and Powell Street, just across the road from Sunrise Market with Rice World in the background.  The shot after that shows her running further down Powell Street, well beyond the "Rooms" sign. 
  • Peter's computer in the Explore component of this chapter shows a news Web site that claims to be dated October 28 1998, yet it tells of Jane's arrest for murder in a story dated July 15 1998.

Chapter 7 :

  • When Barnes leaves Jane's apartment, a man, probably Edwards, can be seen waiting nearby in the hallway.  Edwards never visits Jane in this chapter.  If this man is not Edwards, he is likely a member of the film crew who should have remained off camera.

Chapter 8 :

  • A newspaper article contains an Internet "posted" date. 
  • Jane's hairstyle changes during her long conversation with Frank.

Chapter 9 :

  • A boom microphone can be seen reflected in the window during the first scene as Frank talks to Jane about the location of his apartment.
  • When Peter cuts out the front cover of Desire magazine at the beginning of this chapter, he cuts between the "T" and the "H" in the word "THIS" at the top left corner.  Later in this chapter, when he uses the separated cover as a mask, the word "THIS" is intact.

Chapter 10 :

  • In the first scene, some of Jane's hair strands mysteriously change position from beside her face to behind her right ear.
  • During the course of Jane and Frank's romantic candle-lit dinner, the light outside changes from night to day.

Chapter 12 :

  • Jane's enemy always takes her up one flight of stairs to the roof.  How is that possible if she lives on the first floor?

End Credits :

  • In the cast list, the word "Photographer" is spelled "Photohrapher".



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