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PERTH: Under the Lighthouse Dancing

Downtown Perth, the skyscrapers of which can sometimes be seen from Rottnest Island!  All the rest of the pictures in this section were taken on Rottnest Island, about 30km to the west.

*The* Lighthouse from the title!  It can cast eight beams of light at once.  Under renovation at the time this picture was taken.

Typical example of a Rottnest beach.  A small secondary lighthouse can be seen in the distance.

Boardwalk at the far tip of the island at or near the suggested location of the beach house seen in the film.  Buildings are not allowed outside a few small settlements at the other end of the island, so the movie's beach house would be illegal in real life.

One of the major architectural styles from the island's main settlement of Thompson Bay.

Another popular architectural style at that location.

Cycling next to the former tennis court area near the middle of the Thompson Bay settlement.

Geordie Bay settlement's large General Store where Harry purchased an axe.

In the distance on top of the hill to the right is an old radar station.  The movie makers dressed it up as the church where Harry makes a vain attempt to gain entry with his axe.

Rock pools at the far tip of the island used a floating location for Emma in the film.

Anglican church at Thompson Bay which was used for the wedding.

Inside that same church, complete with the cross as seen in the film.

Quokkas, rat-like marsupials which roam the island.  Early Dutch explorers thought they were rats, thus they called the island Rat Nest, which eventually evolved into the term used today of Rottnest.


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