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Welcome to my feedback page! Here you will find an online survey that relates to the cd-rom computer game series analysed in my Review of Phantasmagoria Memorial and Phantasmagoria 2 Overview Memorial Web Subsites. Please submit your answers to this survey once only and be sure to see how other people have voted after you do so. Thank you for your participation.

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I am not a Sierra On-Line agent/employee/volunteer.
Therefore, please note the following useful email addresses:

If you would like to send Sierra an email message to ask them a Phantasmagoria series technical support related question,
please address it to:

If you would like to send Sierra an email message to petition them to create a third Phantasmagoria game and/or to comment on the existing games in that particular product line,
please address it to:

If you would like to send me (Anthony Larme) an email message about anything you have read or seen on my Phantasmagoria related Web subsites - or any related issue (eg: to request that a particular available offline file be sent to you via email),
please address it to:

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- Phantasmagoria Series Survey -

The term "Phantasmagoria series" represents your own personal experiences while playing Phantasmagoria, Phantasmagoria 2, or both games. If you have not played both Phantasmagoria products, please answer question #3 as best you can based upon information you have read on the Internet and elsewhere. This survey assumes that you have at least some knowledge of the Phantasmagoria series and some concern over the direction in which it may head. If you are interested in the progress of the vote, you can always click on the button that lets you see the current results without voting.

To assist with the effectiveness of this survey, please email the results page to:

Phantasmagoria Series Survey

1. What do you *like best* about the Phantasmagoria series?

2. What do you *dislike the most* about the Phantasmagoria series?

3. Overall, do you consider Phantasmagoria 2 to be an improvement over Phantasmagoria 1?

4. Do you want Sierra to produce a third Phantasmagoria game?

5. If Phantasmagoria 3 is developed, who should be the designer?

6. Should the game be presented in 3D or in FMV?

7. In what format(s) should Phantasmagoria 3 be released?


Disclaimer: This form is processed at an external site. I cannot influence the availability of the form processing server in any way and I have very limited control over the presentation of results. The results of this survey are not necessarily noticed by anyone of influence.

Alternative Phantasmagoria 3 petition


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