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In Memoriam
Review of Phantasmagoria Web Subsite
November 8 1995 - April 8 1998

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These Web subsites (Review of Phantasmagoria Memorial, and Phantasmagoria 2 Overview Memorial) are intended for those who would like to know all about the popular controversial cd-rom computer games:
  • Phantasmagoria - designed by Roberta Williams and released in August 1995.
  • Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh (Phantasmagoria 2) - designed by Lorelei Shannon and released in November 1996.
Both games are published by, and remain the copyrighted products of, software developer and publisher Sierra On-Line. Please note that both my Web subsites dedicated to these products may never again be updated.

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[Dot]"Thanks for all the attention to Phantasmagoria....Roberta [Williams] really appreciates all you are doing....You have created a truly awesome Phantas Website!"
- Ken Williams, CEO and co-founder of Sierra On-Line.

[Dot]"It's a real treat to find that some of our games inspire people so!"
- Greg Tomko-Pavia, a Phantasmagoria systems programmer. Please read my extensive interview with him.

[Dot]"Don't be surprised if Anthony knows more about Phantasmagoria than Sierra does."
- Jason MacIsaac, editor of Gamesmania online gaming magazine.

[Dot]"The Review of Phantasmagoria has everything you ever wanted to know about this game and more."
- PC Gamer Online, the online edition of this best-selling PC gaming magazine. (Web site)

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Review of Phantasmagoria Memorial

[Introduction nightmare wake up]
[Dot] Introduction [Dot]

[Mansion interior]
[Dot] Gameplay [Dot]

[Adrienne and Don]
[Dot] Plot Synopsis [Dot]

[Dragon lamp]
[Dot] Sound and Visual Effects [Dot]

[Dot] Main Characters [Dot]

[Adrienne triplet]
[Dot] Censorship Issues [Dot]

[The Official Hintkeeper]

[Carno's giblets]

[Animated eye]

[Investigating wine press]
[Dot] Cheats and Easter Eggs [Dot]

[Adrienne with ear to summoning chamber door]

[Adrienne in reception hall]
[Dot] Walkthrough [Dot]

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My Phantasmagoria series related World Wide Web HTML pages, each of whose titles, in whole or in part, consist of the words: "Phantasmagoria Anthology", "Review of Phantasmagoria Memorial", "Phantasmagoria 2 Overview Memorial", and/or are at least copyrighted under the name of Anthony Larme, exist for the purposes of independent, non-profit, in-depth reviews of the cd-rom computer games Phantasmagoria and Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh (Phantasmagoria 2) which were developed and published in 1995 and 1996 respectively by Sierra On-Line. Unless otherwise stated, indicated, or implied, all analysis and opinions expressed within are solely those of the author that need not reflect popular consensus.

Nothing discussed or depicted on any of my pages is intended to encourage any form of violence and/or illegal sexual activity in any way. The Phantasmagorias are purely mainstream works of fiction for mature computer gamers and must be treated as such. No real person or animal was physically or mentally harmed in any way during their production.

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