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In Memoriam
Phantasmagoria 2 Overview Web Subsite
August 24 1996 - March 24 1998

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Hi Anthony! I'm so glad you enjoyed Phantasmagoria 2. - Lorelei Shannon.

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Welcome to the Internet's largest, most comprehensive and original fan site dedicated to Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh. Beware of low-quality unauthorised plagiarised imitations!

As Sierra On-Line's $3 million+ continuation of the popular Phantasmagoria series of horror genre computer games, Phantasmagoria 2 breaks just as many technological and censorship barriers as its famed, but often misunderstood predecessor
Phantasmagoria 1.

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Information Anthology
Fan Fiction - various (46 Kb ZIP file)
Reviews - various (63 Kb ZIP file)
Walkthroughs - various (23 Kb ZIP file)

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Censored Scenes
Cheats (for Phantas 1 and 2)
Drinking Game
DUK Movie List
Easter Eggs

[Curtis and Doctor Harburg]


Don "Bob Arnold" Berg (Actor)
Wes Plate (Editor)
Lorelei Shannon (Designer)
Tim Weiss (Programmer)

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Exciting, unique soundtrack from the Phantasmagoria 2 "demo" - 530 Kb

Opening Menu / Alien World
Electrical Column - 195 Kb
Curtis's Apartment
(main theme) - 234 Kb
(one theme) - 213 Kb
The Borderline Club
(main theme) - 276 Kb
Alien World
(one theme) - 162 Kb
Alien World
Victory March - 195 Kb
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