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Phantasmagoria 2 Quiz

Here is your opportunity to find out how much you really know about Phantasmagoria 2 and to optionally assess the extent of your knowledge of this game against an evaluation table. These questions are all designed to be both challenging and truly representative of the knowledge held by genuine Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh "phanatics". Sources of information are the game itself as well as commonly available discussions concerning particular aspects of this product.

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If you decide to take the quiz,
please be sure your Web browser supports JavaScript
follow these few simple rules in the interests of fair play:
  • The maximum time allowed to answer all questions in this quiz is twenty (20) minutes. This includes time taken to select what you believe to be the answers as well as any time taken in consulting the game itself, relevant Web pages, strategy guides, etc.
  • There is only one totally correct answer for each question. If in doubt, choose the best answer.
  • The "Evaluate your result" table exists for optional amusement purposes only. If you don't agree with it, simply ignore its comments.
  • Good luck!


1. What item is referred to by the expression "full circle"?

2. How many present-day WynTech employees are seen in the game?

3. Where is the password for the computer that allows humans to speak with aliens to be found?

4. Where did Curtis stay during his hospitalisation?

5. When Curtis shows Jocilyn and Trevor a picture of his parents, what bothers him the most about his friends' comments?

6. Who points a gun at Curtis?

7. Curtis almost forgets his wallet ___?

8. At one point, a woman refers to Curtis as ___?

9. After Tom's death, how does Trevor know that another murder of a WynTech employee is inevitable?

10. The "barber" mental asylum patient does not exclaim ____?

11. During Curtis's "stay" at the asylum (consider all such depictions), he was called ____?

12. Which of these numbers is a valid WynTech internal telephone network number?

13. At the beginning of chapter one, how many game locations are marked on the Travel Map?

14. Who or what is the only "rat" allowed at WynTech?

15. "Noitarcesed" spelled backwards is the password for a particular file contained in what folder on the WynTech network?

16. What happens if you combine the starfish and the bubble-shaped alien creatures?

17. In chapter two, Curtis drinks a ____?

18. The infamous "threesome" in the Borderline's bathroom is composed of ____?

19. If you had just walked into the Network Room and kept your back facing the main door, in what direction is the small door to the hidden storage room?

20. Which of these is not a game that may be played after activating the Easter Egg connected to Trevor's WynTech network account?


Evaluate your result
Score Percentage Assessment
20 100 Perfect! You deserve to take over this Web subsite <grin> ... or perhaps you're the game designer.
17-19 85-95 You are a true Phantasmagoria 2 "phanatic" with considerable powers of observation.
14-16 70-80 Excellent. Good work. You are a dedicated Phantasmagoria 2 player.
10-13 50-65 Pretty good, but you might like to play the game again and read more of the pages on this Web subsite to brush up on your knowledge of Phantasmagoria 2.
7-9 35-45 If you're sure you're on the correct Website and are taking the correct quiz, the only appropriate recommendation is that you play the rest of the game or play closer attention next time.
1-6 5-30 A few accurate guesses.
0 0 Zero! Surely you could have guessed some of the answers correctly?

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