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No movie is exempt from containing bloopers - not even "interactive movies" such as Phantasmagoria 2. All people are fallible, and the existence of bloopers in entertainment products are just reflections of this fact. Bloopers are presented here for trivia purposes only - they should not be misinterpreted to mean that I or anyone mentioned on this page necessarily has any feelings of ill will or low regard towards anyone responsible for the production of this game. For the purposes of this page, the term "blooper" is defined as: any component of normal gameplay, whether audio and/or visual in nature, that displays some form of continuity, logic, or acting error that cannot be explained away in terms of the limitations imposed by the technology used to produce Phantasmagoria 2. Enjoy!

  1. If Curtis fails to return Blob to her cage after using her to recover his wallet, the rat is not seen on his shoulder in the still that occurs before the movie that shows him about to exit his apartment carrying his pet. [Erik Gos]
  2. On Curtis's telephone pad at work, "Jocilyn" is spelt "Jocelyn". This spelling of that name is not used anywhere else in the game.
  3. If you press any given key on Curtis's work telephone, it will emit different tones by the third or fourth consecutive press. [Erik Gos]
  4. When Curtis enters Jocilyn's cubicle in chapter one to show her the Christmas party photo, Jocilyn picks up the telephone just as he enters. She does this after seemingly acknowledging a cue from someone off screen. [Andy Bellatti]
  5. Trevor's turtleneck sweater changes colour in chapter one. This is particularly noticeable in the scene where Trevor takes Curtis to the Dreaming Tree after Curtis sees [a vision of] his mother [in his computer monitor]. The darker turtleneck was lost before Dreaming Tree shooting started. [Wes Plate]
  6. The Dreaming Tree sequence at the end of chapter one is particularly problematic:
    • When Curtis walks into the Dreaming tree to meet Jocilyn, the pair exchange greetings; yet, at the beginning of the next DUK movie, Jocilyn's dialogue begins with "Hi Sweetie...". Why include such a redundant greeting? [SNASK]
    • Curtis and Jocilyn are seen to have their drinks in front of them during interactive mode immediately after the opening DUK movie to that sequence. The drinks are not delivered until the second DUK movie.
    • The check for the drinks is shown on their table in interactive mode before the DUK movie where it is delivered by Max the waiter.
    • Jocilyn wears black pants at work and at the Dreaming Tree. Immediately after the Dreaming Tree, she goes to Curtis's apartment. Once at the apartment, Jocilyn is wearing blue jeans. When and where did she change her clothes?
  7. During the sequence that shows some of the WynTech staff meeting at the Dreaming Tree following Bob's murder, the utensils at Curtis's place at the table lie to his right in interactive mode, but are seen directly in front of him during the movie scenes. [Andy Bellatti]
  8. When Curtis tells Max about Bob's murder in chapter two, non-interactive mode shows only a salt shaker on the table; yet, during interactive mode, both a salt and a pepper shaker are clearly seen. [Andy Bellatti]
  9. Curtis's chapter two appointment with Dr. Harburg presumably takes place on time at 5:30pm as arranged, but the clock on the Doctor's desk reads 3 o'clock. [Andy Bellatti]
  10. Chapter three begins with Curtis being woken by his alarm clock. As soon as he gets up, he receives a telephone call from P.A. Warner asking him why he is not at work. Curtis returned home from the Borderline club in a dazed state the night before and had little reason or inclination to adjust the clock's alarm settings. There is no reason to suspect that Curtis's alarm did not ring at its normal time which sees Curtis get to work punctually. Why then was Warner so unnaturally demanding that morning? [SNASK]
  11. Tom is not in his cubicle in chapter three, yet, if Curtis tries to call him on the telephone, he receives an engaged dial tone. [Austin527]
  12. As Therese turns around to "rip" Curtis's shirt in chapter three, the computer she was using just seconds beforehand is suddenly turned off for no apparent reason. The state of the computer does not change when this vision ends. [Andy Bellatti]
  13. When Trevor spits out some of his drink in laughter in chapter three and starts to tell Curtis the potato story, he uses a napkin to mop up the mess. During interactive mode, this napkin cannot be seen anywhere. [Andy Bellatti]
  14. Curtis's apartment number is 203 according to the "sexy postcard" he receives at the beginning of chapter one; yet, when he arrives home at the end of chapter three, the number of his apartment's door is 13. [Dov Degen]
  15. When Trevor and Curtis are at the Dreaming Tree in chapter four, the restaurant's menu is positioned next to Curtis during non-interactive mode, but is seen on the other side of the table during interactive mode. [Andy Bellatti]
  16. While Curtis sits alone at a table at the Dreaming Tree in chapter four and occasionally talks to Max the waiter who is working nearby, another chair is shown at his table during non-interactive mode but not during interactive mode.
  17. In this chapter and in most others, Max wears khaki pants during interactive mode and light blue jeans during non-interactive mode. [Andy Bellatti]
  18. Before he changes it in chapter four, Curtis's security level on the SecureCon is "1". According to what Curtis told Tom, his supervisor, in chapter one, this level is insufficient even to enter WynTech's cafeteria. If this is so, then at least Jocilyn and Therese must also have had the same problem because their clearance levels are the same as Curtis's. Why did they not complain? Why does Trevor - not a supervisor or Vice President - have the top clearance level of "3"? Why would Curtis complain about not being able to enter the cafeteria when everyone seems to like eating and meeting at the Dreaming Tree, both in and out of work hours? Why doesn't Trevor eat at the cafeteria or protest against the poor security level clearance of his co-workers? There are too many inconsistencies in the WynTech security system to dismiss. [Austin527]
  19. In the DUK movie that plays when Curtis closes Warner's desk drawer after picking up the speech and the book in chapter four, Warner's monitor is turned off. It was on immediately beforehand and is on immediately afterwards. [Andy Bellatti]
  20. When Detective Allie Powell is questioning Curtis at the beginning of chapter five, interactive mode does not show the picture that is usually located at the top left of the screen - the same picture involved in the tractor picture Easter Egg. [SNASK]
  21. When Curtis is being questioned by Detective Allie Powell at the beginning of chapter five in his apartment - away from any tables, shelves, or drawers - interactive mode does not show Curtis either wearing or holding his glasses as he does during non-interactive mode. [Jon Giliberto]
  22. If Curtis picks up Dr. Harburg's dangling telephone receiver during his final visit to her office, he listens to the screams that emanate from it and then puts it on hook. Yet, when Curtis subsequently looks around the desk to find the horrible truth of what happened to the good psychiatrist, the receiver is dangling once again. [Dainen Bugh]
  23. If Curtis tries to call himself on his work telephone in chapter five, he does not get an engaged signal or hear a supernatural voice as he does in previous chapters, but rather the "We're sorry, your call cannot be completed as dialled..." recorded message from the telephone company. [Andy Bellatti]
  24. Curtis, Jocilyn, Therese, and Trevor all have security clearance levels of "3" in chapter five. Curtis increased his clearance in the previous chapter and Trevor increased his clearance in the current chapter, but why were the clearance levels of the two other employees increased? In the case of Therese, this is highly suspect because deceased employees usually don't have clearance levels on the WynTech SecureCon.
  25. After Trevor's death in the Network Room, the Hecatomb confronts Curtis and torments him. Curtis throws a computer monitor at his enemy out of sheer frustration, but it makes no sound and its wreckage cannot be seen. [Jason Bito]
  26. Players have to right click the combined alien on the yellow energy field in chapter five. On all other occasions in the game, items may be left or right clicked on objects or other items in order to be used. [SNASK]
  27. When the "other Curtis" talks to Curtis in the Threshold Room, he says that he hasn't slept for twenty years. Yet, when Curtis finds him in the Alien World, he is shown to wake up. [Jason Bito]
  28. During the climactic mental battle with the Hecatomb, Curtis may punch Therese as she sits on top of him. This results in a trickle of blood flowing down the left corner of Therese's mouth and Curtis's subsequent death as she rips his heart out. If Curtis chooses to do absolutely nothing however, Therese still rips his heart out, but the trickle of blood is seen for no apparent reason. [Andy Bellatti]
  29. After completing all his tasks in the Alien World - with the exception of the circuit board puzzle - Curtis is left with one purposeless alien in his inventory. That alien disappears while the circuit board puzzle is being solved, but reappears if Curtis walks away from that puzzle before solving it. When Curtis returns to the human world, the alien is gone. There is no indication that the left over alien was required for transport back through the Threshold.


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