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Drinking Game

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Welcome to the Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh Drinking Game, presented here for the amusement of all interested gamers. The idea is simple: you play the computer game and whenever any of the events listed below occur, you take a sip or more of your favourite beverage - alcoholic or otherwise. This page is meant to highlight words and actions that occur frequently or rarely and thus distinguish Phantasmagoria 2 from other cd-rom gaming titles. Minor variations include supplements for drunkards and fans of dehydration!

Contributors: Andy Bellatti, Justin Cowan, Anthony Larme, SNASK, and Barry Topham.

[Jocilyn with drink] [Tom with tray of drinks] [Trevor with drink]

Standard Version

Curtis Craig:

  • You activate an Easter Egg in his apartment (one sip).
  • Experiences a supernatural phenomenon while using his PC or work telephone - excluding changes in the names of folders and documents but including receiving supernatural email messages (one sip).
  • Touches an object, enters an area, or simply looks at something and experiences a vision (one sip).
  • Sees supernatural events/entities that no one nearby can see (one sip).
  • Remembers a disturbing incident from his childhood (one sip).
  • Has sexual intercourse (two sips).
  • Removes or adjusts his glasses (one sip).
  • Talks to his pet rat (one sip).
  • Tells a lie or something another person believes to be a lie (one sip).
  • Gets insulted by Bob Arnold at WynTech (one sip).
  • Gets insulted at the Borderline nightclub (one sip).
  • Experiences rage or extreme sadness (one sip).
  • Conveys a sheepish expression (one sip).
  • Adds something unusual to a dessert (two sips).
  • Dies horribly in a losing scenario (one sip).

Detective Allie Powell:

  • Uses the term "My ass" as an exclamation (one sip).
  • Confronts Curtis at his apartment with very serious allegations in her usual belligerent manner without the backup of a fellow police officer (one sip).
  • Threatens Curtis with imminent arrest (one sip).
  • Looks at Curtis with disgust (one sip).
  • Rejects an explanation provided by Curtis (one sip).
  • Does not see a supernatural event that frightens Curtis (one sip).

Therese Banning:

  • Tries to seduce Curtis (one sip).
  • Urges or forces Curtis to do something he'd rather avoid (one sip).
  • Is the obvious cause of one of Jocilyn's expressions of jealousy towards Curtis (one sip).
  • Smokes a cigarette (one sip per cigarette).
  • Wears S&M clothing (one sip).

Trevor Barnes:

  • Talks about his dates (one sip).
  • Reassures Curtis that things are not as bad as they seem (one sip).
  • Advises Curtis to pursue a particular course of action (one sip).
  • Tells a funny story either in person or via email (one sip).
  • Clicks his fingers (two sips).


  • Blob the rat eats something unusual or speaks (two sips).
  • Marianne Craig flies into a rage (one sip).
  • Jonas Craig is placed in a stressful or life-threatening situation (one sip).
  • Dr. Harburg reassures Curtis about any matter (one sip).
  • Dr. Marek sounds condescending and/or insincere (one sip).
  • P.A Warner threatens someone (one sip).
  • Jocilyn proves that she truly loves Curtis by word or deed (one sip).
  • Two or more people are seen talking, but none of those people are Curtis Craig (one sip).
  • Someone mentions the word "freak" or it is seen on a computer screen (one sip).
  • Someone drinks something (one sip per person per drink).
  • Someone is gruesomely murdered (two sips).
  • One person insults another using the expression "Son of a bitch" (one sip).
  • Designer Lorelei Shannon makes a cameo appearance (two sips).
  • A permanent Sierra employee other than Lorelei Shannon makes a cameo appearance (one sip).
  • Supernatural activity is seen in the Network Room (one sip).
  • A blooper is seen (one sip).


Drunkards Supplement

  • Someone says or does something that is unsuitable for young children to hear or watch (one sip).
  • Someone or something says "Curtis" (one sip).
  • Folders and/or files on a PC change their names momentarily (one sip).
  • The current room or location is dark, gloomy and/or cramped (one sip).
  • The soundtrack conveys a spooky atmosphere (one sip).

Dehydration Supplement

  • Therese and Curtis meet at any place outside the main office room at WynTech (excluding the Dreaming Tree) and do not engage (or nearly engage) in any form of sexual activity.
  • Bob and Curtis do not display mutual enmity.
  • Trevor discusses his new girlfriend with Curtis.
  • Curtis wears S&M gear without any reservations.
  • Curtis has fond memories of the good times he had with his mother.
  • Det. Powell is fair-minded and unbiased.

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