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In classic Internet tradition, this page presents the Phantasmagoria Drinking Game for the amusement of all interested gamers. The idea is simple: you play the computer game and whenever any of the events listed below occur, you take a sip or more of your favourite beverage - alcoholic or otherwise. It is meant to highlight words and actions that occur frequently or rarely and thus distinguish Phantasmagoria from other cd-rom gaming titles. Minor variations include supplements for drunkards and fans of dehydration!

Standard Version


  • Screams for any reason (one sip).
  • Cries and sobs (two sips).
  • Smiles or laughs (one sip each or two sips each if this occurs after chapter one).
  • Exclaims any one of: "No!"; "Oh my God!"; "Wait!"; "What is this?"; or "What the hell?" (one sip).
  • Talks to herself (one sip).
  • Brushes a lock of hair away from her eyes (one sip).
  • Comes up with a sarcastic retort to someone who has just insulted her (one sip).
  • Speaks to Don after chapter one in anything other than an argumentative or worried tone of voice (two sips).
  • Talks to Cyrus in a patronising fashion (one sip).
  • Mentions that she can read Latin or actually translates that language (one sip).
  • Wears anything other than her distinctive orange, black and white outfit (two sips).
  • Is presented with other opportunities to do something totally irrelevant to the plot such as personal grooming, eating, or drinking (one sip per opportunity per game).
  • Witnesses an horrific vision of a murder (one sip).
  • Observes a supernatural event and still remains sceptical of the paranormal (one sip).
  • Experiences problems with her laptop computer (one sip).


  • Uses a camera or develops film (two sips).
  • Relates to Adrienne in a respectful way after chapter one (two sips).
  • Grabs his wife by the arm outside of chapter seven (one sip).
  • Mocks Adrienne's earlier words or actions as he is chasing her around the house (one sip).
  • Is not seriously injured after being stabbed, poked, hit, or smothered (one sip).
  • Kills someone or is implicated in a murder (one sip each).
  • Cackles insanely (one sip).


  • An animal is shown on screen (one sip).
  • Someone remarks that the Carnovasch Estate is haunted or infested by evil (one sip).
  • An actor with no lines is shown somewhere in the town (one sip).
  • A shimmering mirror or barrel heralds the opportunity to view a cut scene (one sip).
  • Nineteenth century music is played (one sip).


Drunkards Supplement

  • Don has an evil look in his eyes (one sip).
  • Someone says or does something unsuitable for viewing by a general audience (one sip).
  • The soundtrack conveys a spooky atmosphere (one sip).

Dehydration Supplement

  • Don smiles after chapter one.
  • A movie scene from chapters two through to seven ends on a positive note.
  • You cannot repeat the entire game in a few hours after having completed it once.

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