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Donald Gordon

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A popular and dedicated magazine photographer by trade, Don Gordon is the husband of Adrienne Delaney. Don is also a smoker and wears his brown shoulder length hair in a ponytail. His true personality as repeatedly revealed in chapter one is both sensitive and caring (at least towards his wife). Once possessed by the demon however, he unwillingly becomes a drunkard, physically and verbally abusive, jealous, manipulative, and vengeful. Normal amicable relationships with anyone become impossible, least of all with the exceptionally tolerant Adrienne.

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He soon heads down the road to complete psychopathic insanity - a process taking less than one whole week. When this period is compared to the decade it took Carno to reach the same degenerate state, it is clear that Don has the less disciplined mind and cannot suppress the demonic urges swelling inside him for as long or as convincingly as could Carno. It takes a fatal wound inflicted by terrified Adrienne to bring him back to normal and he is able to speak her name once before tragically passing away.

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