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The Demon

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Carelessly summoned from the dark depths of the underworld by Zoltan Carnovasch in the late nineteenth century, this "evil who has no name" is the ultimate cause of all the horrible events chronicled in Phantasmagoria. Outside a human body, it can take on either the form of a sickly green mist or a hideous lumbering blue-skinned monster with elongated claws that almost defies description.

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Its sole purpose of existence appears to be the corruption of the souls of respectable married men so that they turn on those they love the most, particularly their wives, and also those with whom their wives have a friendly relationship. Possession of the minds and bodies of these men is its usual mode of operation. Those possessed grow more and more violent and irredeemable until they turn into insane, vengeful murderers. Regardless of its current form and status, the demon kills by somehow mutilating an area of the head of its victim. This is a motif demonstrated repeatedly throughout Phantasmagoria. Murders are made particularly easy because the demon enhances existing moral deficiencies in the possessed man and endows him with limited supernatural powers to read the minds of intended victims. Even worse for those victims, the one who is possessed can withstand an incredible amount of physical assaults to his body before being overcome.


The creature is not without its weaknesses. If the possessed man dies, the demon must quickly return to the spellbook that was used in its summoning and wait until it senses another suitable host being in the vicinity. After this critical moment, if the spellbook can be closed by placing the weight of a heavy Bible on top of it, the demon will be trapped until the holy book is removed. Even more effective is a spell contained within the spellbook which will banish the demon until it is purposely summoned again - but this requires the demon in its true form to be present at the incantation recital and a short ritual be performed. Of course, the one who is possessed must be dead first. This latter, extreme option is the one taken by Adrienne to achieve "victory" in the game.

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