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Here is the remainder of a long list of selected accolades my Review of Phantasmagoria Memorial Web Subsite received over the years. These words of praise are representative of the overwhelmingly warm reception this site has experienced by many grateful Internet users. Additional high-profile comments (and awards) may always be found on the Review's Title page. The listing below has been divided into two sections: the first for people directly involved in the production of Phantasmagoria or who run a significant Internet gaming and/or directory Web site (as at December 1997), and the second for enthusiastic fellow players of this game not already mentioned in the first section. My heartfelt thanks goes out to all my well-wishers. I could not have made the Review as comprehensive as it is without your support and encouragement.

[Dot]"Your Website looks very nice."
- Peter Maris, Phantasmagoria director and co-founder of American Interactive Pictures.

[Dot]"...you have obviously spent a lot of time and effort putting your site together. Your content is very well organized and presented very nicely....Thanks again for putting together such a great tribute to our game. It makes us all feel just a little more appreciated."
- William R. Shockley, Sierra On-Line programmer. (Web site)

[Dot]"Holy crap! [Your's] is one of the coolest sites I have ever seen! Love it!"
- SierraMan, who provides Sierra On-Line game solutions and news. (Web site)

[Dot]"Detailed Website for Sierra On-Line's mysterious, beautiful, and controversial adventure game Phantasmagoria. This site includes all the hints, cheats, and walkthrough information you'll need if you get really stumped. More interesting, however, is a detailed account on why this game has been banned in Australia! If you haven't played the game yet, this site will certainly pique your interest."
- New Riders' Official World Wide Web Directory. Indianapolis : New Riders Publishing. 1996. p.113. (Web site)

[Dot]"A very good review of the Sierra game. Well laid out, easy to read and navigate, it even has the reasons behind the censorship for Australian buyers. 5/5."
- Bill Jewell, from Web Ratings - a free Website ratings service. (Web site)

[Dot]"I've been doing a little browsing around your site, and I'm very impressed with what you've done....This very well-designed site is the place to go for information on both Phantasmagorias. With interviews, Easter Eggs, and plenty of details on the games, don't be surprised if Anthony knows more about the Phantasmagorias than Sierra does. In addition, this site has lots of information on the censorship of computer games in Australia and censorship in general. Anthony's cooperation helped us to write the Gamesmania article 'Games and Laws around the World'."
- Jason MacIsaac, editor of Gamesmania online gaming magazine.

[Dot]"[You have] the best review page for any game I have ever seen....I have looked at many different reviews and pictures [but] your's by far outdoes every one of them. Before, I had never heard about Phantasmagoria, and now that's the only game I want to buy. After reading your Review, I'm convinced it's a great game and you'll be sure to find me playing it very soon....Every Phantasmagoria fan deserves to see your site. It's like a whole new experience and goes well beyond the game!"
- Justin Cowan, Sierra On-Line fan, game reviewer, and Web designer. (Web site)

[Dot]"This comprehensive site is more of an overview than just a review."
- GameSpot, a major Internet source for computer gaming news, previews, reviews, and downloads. (Web site)

[Dot]"...you have gone to great lengths to make your name almost synonymous with Phantasmagoria on the Internet." [Michelle David]

[Dot]"Congratulations on a fantastic Web site. I thought I was a [Phantasmagoria] fanatic, but you certainly top the list." [Firefox]

[Dot]"Your Review of Phantasmagoria is the best place to find any information concerning Phantasmagoria!" [Craig White]

[Dot]"Just wanted to tell you I appreciate the massive effort that's obviously gone into this - the sites are easy to get around, interesting, and well designed and written - in fact, I never would have gotten through either game without them! Thanks for the work and time - it is appreciated!" [Michael Olcsvary]

[Dot]"I'd never believed that it could be possible to make such an interesting Web site based on only one game! It helped me realise I'm far from the only Phantasmagoria fan in the world! For me, this is definitely one of the best experiences on the Web!" [Riccardo]

[Dot]"I really enjoyed your Website! You've got a lot of great information! Thanks for sharing it with all us Sierra fans!" [Kelly Unger]

[Dot]"You did an outstanding job with your page. Please keep it going because Phantasmagoria is such a great game." [Bogdan]

[Dot]"I want to congratulate you for not only a beautiful to read site, but also for your professionalism, which it captures." [Ewout Wessels]

[Dot]"You have created a marvelous Phantasmagoria page that is sure to please anyone who has played the game or who loves a good frightening adventure." [Rainy]

[Dot]"You have an excellent and well thought out page! Great job, and keep going! Your site earns an 'A'!" [Phantasmac]

[Dot]"Being a film critic, I'm hard to please. However, this game captured my attention like few movies can. Your Website makes a wonderful addition to the already amazing phenomenon that is Phantasmagoria." [Aaron Jackson]

[Dot]"I'd just like to compliment you on your excellent Web page. I'm proud of the fact that you're also an Australian. Terrific work!" [John Lai]

[Dot]"Great Web page! I just got Phantasmagoria the other day (only $10 US!), and have really enjoyed it! Your page has proven invaluable to my enjoyment of the game! Your page is well laid out and presented in a great manner! Thanks again, and keep up the great work!" [T J Reck]

[Dot]"You never cease to amaze me with your ability to get to the source of the gold and get the information that other people always dream about but cannot obtain themselves....You have a power that few people could grab and hold and use for the good the Web community." [Ben Grussi]

[Dot]"I think your site blows the rest of them away! From all the time I've spent on the Internet, I think your Web page is the best I've seen. Some times, when I'm bored or just can't find anything of interest on the Internet, I turn to your page and enjoy it all the time!" [Adam Buckley]

[Dot]"Your site is one of the most comprehensive sites I have ever hunted out on the Net. The first time I located this site, I spent over an hour [on it] but still could not visit each and every page. An amazing job! I also hope you succeed in your battle and convince the Australian Government to accept this controversial yet enjoyable game." [M. Jawwad Riaz]

[Dot]"You, without a doubt, have one of the best sites on the Web! I was not a person who played computer games until I found Phantasmagoria. Now I'm hooked! ... I was highly impressed by the messages you received from the [Sierra] CEO, etc. It's good to see that they recognise your efforts! Last, and most importantly, yours' is the first page I've come across with such extensive knowledge and no spelling or grammatical errors! Great page! Bookmarked for the duration!" [Mary Costanza]

[Dot]"I just wanted to tell you that your Web pages are absolutely fantastic! I love all the information you have here...and I must also tell you that, on your pages, I have spent the longest amount of time I've ever spent on a single Web site! It is almost as much fun as the game! ... Keep up the good work!" [Rhianna]

[Dot]"What a page! If I had made this game, I would be very proud of the response it has received - particularly your compendium of information." [William Thompson]

[Dot]"I'd like to congratulate you for the exceptional job that you have done showing inexperienced game players around the world how deep, mature, and fun a computer game can be." [Claudio Ferreira]

[Dot]"I just wanted to say that your page is really great. It really helped me learn what Phantasmagoria is. Now I think I'll buy it!" [Jon]

[Dot]"Your site is the best. I've told my friends about it. Once one person in town bought this game, everyone got it. Thanks again!" [T.D. Burapavong]

[Dot]"...great site! By far the best Phantasmagoria site on the Web in the way of info and everything else. Your site truly made me want to go out and buy the game (and I did [and] loved it)!" [Garth Goudelock]

[Dot]"Your Web site is cool and has a lot of information others don't." [Greta Hundertmark]

[Dot]"I think this is an excellent game review site. Your presentation is very well organised and thorough." [Jason Keith Lee]

[Dot]"...I have thoroughly enjoyed your Web site and tribute to Phantasmagoria. You have really done your research and I must say that your site has been entertaining, educational, and made me appreciate a game that I already love and enjoy playing." [Rick Short]

[Dot]"...this is the best game review page I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. It is superbly done, with everything I wanted to know about Phantasmagoria." [Brandon Lukach]

[Dot]"I would like to congratulate you on a very good review of a terrific game. I thought you did an excellent job of explaining many of the nuances that make this game so great." [J. Jasper]

[Dot]"I searched for a good Phantasmagoria page on the Net and I found your's. I must say this is one of the best Web sites I've ever seen and contains very detailed information! Keep up the good work!" [Matan]

[Dot]"...I support your views presented in the Review which is the best review of Phantasmagoria in the world." [Jason]

[Dot]"Boy, I've never seen so greatly dedicated Phantasmagoria site. It's perfect game and your site also scores 99% from my point of view. Nobody deserves 100%, you know." [Alex M. Tourkin]

[Dot]"I was always puzzled about any negative reactions to this game as I enjoyed it so. You have done it justice and I'm enjoying exploring your site." [Roy]

[Dot]"Great page. Phantasmagoria is like a religious experience. I can't wait for part 2!" [CyberDGL]

[Webmaster of the Year award from Andy Bellatti]
(Webmaster of the Year award from Andy Bellatti.)

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