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Here you will find a complete, highly abbreviated, no nonsense walkthrough for Phantasmagoria that incorporates only those moves absolutely essential for completing the game successfully. Alternative methods of resolution for certain gameplay situations with multiple solutions are not discussed. By carefully following these brief instructions, you will miss out on many plot enhancing scenes and events, but, for those gamers who are pressed for time, this is the way to go. An assumption that you are somewhat familiar with the names of all the rooms, locations, and characters has been made. Novice players may want to read the Gameplay page should anything mentioned here seem unfamiliar.

[Letter opener]

[Realtor's office]

Chapter One

Exit kitchen. Enter reception hall. Try to open huge ornate blue-green doors. Exit house via front doors. Click on nearby BMW to drive to town (Nipawomsett). Enter realtor's office. Talk to realtor. Get key from filing cabinet. Return to house. Go to hallway off reception hall. Use key on locked doors at end of hallway. Enter library. Go to desk. Pick up and carefully examine black figurine in pop-up window which will reveal it to be a letter opener. Examine fireplace twice. Use letter opener on fireplace. Enter chapel. Remove Bible from wooden box on altar. Open box.

[General store]

Chapter Two

Open bedroom dresser drawers. Get five dollar bill. Go to town. Enter General Store. Talk to clerk. Give five dollar bill to clerk. Return to house. Enter carriage house/barn located near parked car. Examine cooking implements near barn fireplace. Give drain cleaner to Don. Knock on door to darkroom on second floor of mansion.

[Tower room]

Chapter Three

Enter house. Go to dining room. Pick up fireplace poker. Enter kitchen. Get matches from drawers. Open door to kitchen pantry. Turn on light. Examine rug. Use fireplace poker on trapdoor. Try to go downstairs. Use matches on Adrienne. Get hammer from cellar. Go to carriage house. Climb ladder. Use pitchfork then bare hands on pulley to rescue Harriet. Use hammer on nail in hayloft hole. Look at locked door on third floor. Insert nail in keyhole. Use fireplace poker to bring fallen key to your side of door. Use fallen key on door. Enter tower room. Look out window. Pick up and examine book. Go to town. Enter General Store. Go to back of store. Get soup bone by clicking on bottom of barrel. Walk along path leading away from town in carpark. Give soup bone to dog before opening gate. Knock on door. Give book to housekeeper. Talk to Malcolm. Return to house.


Chapter Four

If you began the game at this chapter, look out tower room window. Talk to Harriet in reception hall. Exit house via back door. Talk to Cyrus. Enter house via back door. Return to back garden and talk to Cyrus again. Follow Cyrus to washed out path (tip: you need to cross the garden bridge and pass the entryway to the crypt). Cross new tree trunk bridge. Pick up lenspiece from path. Examine telescope. Use lenspiece on telescope and look through it to discover new room next to tower room. Return to house. Go to tower room landing. Use hammer on wooden wall. Enter new room (attic). Go to reception hall.

[Secret passage]

Chapter Five

Go to reception hall. Attend seance in carriage house. Go to conservatory on third floor opposite Adrienne and Don's bedroom. Examine dragon lantern. Investigate dragon lantern projection on wall. Enter secret passages. Use lifts to descend two floors. Enter chapel. Find opposite secret door in chapel. Find secret entrance to theatre from passages. Exit theatre via main doors.

[Photo of Carno and Malcolm]

Chapter Six

Go to theatre. Enter makeup room. Get picture of Carno and Malcolm from wardrobe. Go to town. Give picture to Malcolm's housekeeper. Talk to Malcolm. Return to house. Talk to phone man in reception hall.

[Finding of snowman]

Chapter Seven

Go to nursery on third floor. Pick up glass shard. Go to theatre's makeup room. Examine Don's jacket and get snowman Christmas ornament. Go to chapel. Enter secret passage to crypt. Pick up rosary beads from Marie's sarcophagus. Enter darkroom. Use nearby drain cleaner on Don. Quickly grab spellbook from table. Give snowman to Don. Pull blade release lever (Note: you must kill Don if you want to win the game). Run to secret passages via panel discovered in chapter five. Flee down stone side passage. Click on water pipe as close to left hand side of screen as possible. Bar summoning chamber door. Place spellbook on altar. Find talisman on Carno's nearby corpse. Place talisman on spellbook. Use glass shard on Adrienne to provide blood. Place rosary beads on spellbook and breathe a huge sigh of relief!

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Now that you know what you have to do, play Phantasmagoria again a few times, slowly exploring its various environments and interacting with all encountered characters. Remember, the contents and events of each game location may change between and even within the individual chapters. If you require further assistance, click on the "Official Hintkeeper" component of the user interface, or, even better, read the other pages of this review. Seekers of thrilling action should check out the Losing Scenarios section, while those who prefer a longer exposition of the storyline are directed to the Plot Synopsis. As a last resort, please visit the Cheats and Easter Eggs and Strategy Guides pages.

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