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Losing Scenarios

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Chapter seven is the only portion of Phantasmagoria where Adrienne is in any real danger of losing her life. Quick thinking player decisions make the crucial difference between having her emerge as a hero or just another mutilated body in a long line of demonic victims. As there are already plenty of highly detailed walkthroughs available elsewhere in both print and electronic formats that will tell you how to complete the final chapter successfully, this page is devoted to the different methods by which the multiple losing scenarios may be experienced. From this information, you will be able to view an extra ten minutes or more of video, appreciate the incredible intricacies of this action packed finale, and even pick up tips on how to do better next time.

[Don strangling Adrienne near drain cleaner]

The Darkroom

Quite simply, the easiest way to lose in the darkroom is to do absolutely nothing while Don is strangling Adrienne. In a few seconds, she collapses on a bench - dead. Grabbing the spellbook immediately after throwing the drain cleaner in Don's face will result in Adrienne's automatic capture, leaving no further chances to collect any objects. Another method is to pick up the spellbook upon returning to the darkroom if Adrienne does not already possess the snowman Christmas ornament and all the items required for the banishment ritual. Phantasmagoria has been programmed to have Don attempt to capture her in this situation. The only chance Adrienne has to escape is to use the hammer against her husband.

[Don manacling Adrienne to Throne of Terror]

Chase and Chair Sequence

Throughout the chase, Adrienne is presented with opportunities to use various "weapons" against her deranged husband. Her attacks will fail unless the glass shard is used only in the nursery and the fireplace poker used only in the theatre's makeup room. The hammer is always ineffectual outside the darkroom. Try also getting Adrienne to run down the main staircase and flee via the front doors, keep to the secret passages as little as possible, conceal herself behind the couch in the conservatory, hide in Marie's sarcophagus more than once, return to the nursery a second time, and exit the theatre through its main entrance. Even easier, merely having Adrienne stop running at any point and look about fretfully for around ten seconds is sufficient to have Don catch up with and capture her. Adrienne is also captured automatically after she collects the last item needed to successfully complete the game.

The penalty for getting captured by Don after using the drain cleaner is to find Adrienne in the process of being manacled to the "Throne of Terror" chair for execution. If Adrienne has in her possession the snowman Christmas ornament, spellbook, cameo brooch or glass shard, and Marie's rosary beads or the crucifix, then she has everything needed to complete the game successfully. If not, she will die within the next few minutes. The first hurdle to overcome is to kill Don by releasing the swinging blade attached to the chair. The only way this can be done is to show him the snowman before Adrienne's left arm is secured and pull the lever that controls the blade. Adrienne can try other actions, but they will always result in her death. It is possible for Adrienne to pull the blade's release lever without showing the snowman to her husband only to reap the horrific consequences. She can also attempt to stop Don at any point by using her free hand, hammer, glass shard, or fireplace poker - but Don will easily negate these attacks. Reasoning with him after he holds the snowman will appear to work - but only for a few seconds. The result of failure at the chair stage is to see Adrienne have her head sliced in two by the blade whose controlling lever is released by Don.

[Crucifix][Summoning chamber door cracking][Cameo brooch]

Demon Troubles

In a maliciously furious mood, the demon will rip Adrienne's face in half if it ever manages to catch up to her. This event may be brought about by any one of a number of methods. For example, have Adrienne flee to the theatre's main doorway or simply stand still on the stage. Even if she does manage to make it to the secret passages, Adrienne will have to run to the summoning chamber and nowhere else such as back to the theatre. On the way to the summoning chamber, trying to jump across the gaping hole will result in Adrienne managing to grasp the opposite side momentarily before plummeting to her death below with a sickening crunch. Once inside the chamber, Adrienne has the option of not bolting the door or unbolting it after initially doing the opposite action. If everything has gone her way until now, she still needs to perform the banishment ritual which can only be accomplished with the aid of all the items mentioned in the above paragraph plus the talisman on Carno's corpse. In any case, the demon will break into the room and slay Adrienne unless she has these components, knows what to do with them, and can do what needs to be done with considerable speed.


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