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At the funeral wake for her niece, Rachel comforts her young son, Aidan.Rachel discusses the infamous videotape with her friend Noah.

The Ring
"Rachel Keller"
Mother / Lover / Newspaper Investigative Journalist
Horror / Supernatural / Thriller / Mystery
Contemporary Seattle and some nearby locations, USA.
Major Hollywood studio movie (2002).

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How The Ring borrowed from Asian Ring movies other than Ringu:

  • Rasen (Spiral) [Japan - official Ringu sequel] -
    • Frequent references are made to the very strong bonds between parents and their children, both in the overall themes explored and in the actual dialogue.
    • Many references are made to reproduction and fertility, particularly in regard to desperation over these matters.
  • Ring 2 [Japan - alternative Ringu sequel] -
    • The supernatural powers of the ghostly girl can taint a person so that they cause strange and scary events to occur around them.
    • A mental asylum scene shows a traumatised teenage female survivor of the opening sequence shielded by a screen from an operating television set. This victim recalls the night her friend was killed and shows herself to be supernaturally affected by that incident.
    • While working with a bulky video editing system at work, a newspaper reporter experiences an immediate supernatural effect from a videotape.
    • The young son of the female reporter character draws compulsively.
    • A man commits suicide in a pool of water via electrocution as a result of falling victim of the ghostly girl's evil supernatural powers.
  • Ring 0 "Birthday" [Japan - Ringu prequel] -
    • A female reporter visits a school at the beginning of the movie and talks to one of the female teachers about a female student who possesses mysterious supernatural powers.
    • The ghostly girl is shown alive for several scenes including one in which she has a psychiatric examination.
    • The audience gets a good idea of the circumstances surrounding the controversial girl getting thrown into the well by a parent she should have been able to trust, followed by her initial experiences upon splashing into the water at the bottom of the well.
    • The ghostly girl has two versions: child and adult sized.
    • The small girl (when alive) was kept in an isolated room at her house that contained a prominently positioned old fashioned television.
  • Ring Virus [South Korea / Japan - alternative version of Ringu] -
    • A first person point of view is shown of the main female reporter character as she walks down a city street while examining photos she has just developed from a roll of film belonging to her deceased teenage female relative.
    • Research into the origin of the videotape involves plenty of searching through filing cabinets in a cramped, overstocked record room.
    • Upon examination of the ghostly girl's psychiatric records, it is discovered that she could project images onto x-ray film.
    • The female reporter's male companion complains that the woman had no problems with him seeing the infamous videotape, but did have problems with another person seeing it.
    • A room in the ghostly girl's former home has a large image burned onto one of the wooden walls.
    • After finding the body, the female reporter claims that the murdered girl survived for seven days after being thrown down the well.
Some references to the number "7" in The Ring other than "seven days":
  • The title of this movie contains 7 letters.
  • The movie is set in and near the city of Seattle (a 7 letter name).
  • According to a deleted scenes on the DVD, Katie's camera took 35 pictures during the infamous mountain cabin trip. 35 divided by 5 is 7.
  • According to another deleted scene, the processing number for this set of photos is 2*77*224. When the digits of this number are multiplied together, the result of 1568 is divisible by 7 224 times!
  • According to a further deleted scene, Katie's death occurred on the night of December 7.
  • The name of the location of many pivotal events in the movie begins with the 7 letter word "Shelter".
  • The number on the final playing card shown to Rachel by the Shelter Mountain Innkeeper is 7.
  • The infamous videotape shows 7 severed twitching fingers.
  • Aidan leaves for school while his mother sits on her bed at 7:45am. Apart from the obvious *7* o'clock, it is interesting to note that 7 x 4 x 5 is 140; a number which, when divided by 20 (or 4 x 5), produces a result of 7.
  • Noah watches the infamous videotape at 8:10am. 8 minus 1 is 7.
  • Rachel makes a copy of the infamous videotape at work using a machine with a model number of *7*500.
  • Rachel identifies the lighthouse seen in the infamous videotape using a book, America's Lighthouses: an illustrated history, written by Francis Rolland - a man with a 7 letter first name and a 7 letter surname.
  • The movie suggests at least 7 people saw the infamous videotape: Katie and three of her friends, Rachel, Noah, and Aidan.
  • The Morgan Ranch has the numbers 2312820 on its mailbox. 2 minus 3 minus 1 minus 2 minus 8 minus 2 equals negative 14 which is twice negative 7.
  • Samara was institutionalised in a mental hospital, released, and later caused her parents' horses to commit suicide in 19*7*8.
  • According to a deleted scene, Samara disappeared (allegedly burned to death in a fire at Shelter Mountain), 18 years ago. Deducting 1 from 8 leaves 7.
  • Rachel's apartment number is 601. Adding the digits produces the number 7.
Note: There are also plentiful references to rings and similar circular shapes in the: Dreamworks logo, Elle fashion magazine cover headline, sets, props, costumes (including accessories), sidewalk and alleyway manholes, walking patterns of flies, shower drain, coffee cup stain, and even occasional - almost subliminal - flashes of a white ring on a black background!

Samara Morgan

Apartments similar in appearance and location to Rachel's apartment.Seattle docks area as seen behind Rachel as she waits for Noah to finish viewing the tape.
Typical downtown Seattle street scene with rain on sidewalk and Space Needle in the distance.
Seattle pictures taken by Anthony Larme in 2001.

© Anthony Larme 2004
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