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Kate strongly suggests to a suspected succubus that she allow her dreams to be examined by the Sleepwalkers team.Inside her own dream (shared with Ben), Kate explains the basics of dream exploration while standing on the rooftop ledge of a tall building.

(aka The Sleepwalker Project)
"Kate Russell"
Psychologist / Dream Researcher / Repressed Lover
Science Fiction / Supernatural / Medical / Mystery
Set in the present day in an unnamed US city located in a cool climate.
Prematurely cancelled television series consisting of 9 x 45 minute episodes (1997).

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Major fan site (I contributed many screenshots plus much advice)

Good but cancelled TV shows memorial page

Buy the DVDs for episodes 1-6 (2 per disc) at

The Dream Encyclopedia by James Lewis at

Counting Sheep (popular science book about sleep) by Paul Martin at

Occult Lore - d20 fantasy role play dream exploration!

Major dream research site

Another major dream research site

Yet another such site!

Lucid dreaming research

Succubus myths

Links to information about Cassandra, the Trojan prophet

Main cast members (clockwise from top left): Naomi Watts - Kate Russell; Jeffrey D. Sams - Ben Costigan; Bruce Greenwood - Dr. Nathan Bradford; Kathrin Nicholson - Gail Bradford; Abraham Benrubi - Vincent Konefke.

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