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Naomi Watts as Holly Maddux.Kevin Anderson as Ira Einhorn.

The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer
"Holly Maddux"
Daughter / Sister / Lover / University Student / Hippy
Tragedy / Thriller / Mystery / Crime and Legal Drama
Mainly 1970s Philadelphia, USA.
Made for television movie (1999).

Internet Movie Database entry

Buy the DVD at

The Unicorn's Secret - the book on which the movie was based at

Investigative Reports: the Ira Einhorn Story - video documentary at

78-187880 - Ira Einhorn's book at

Holly Maddux memorial site designed by her siblings and others

Crime Library entry on the real life case

Court TV downloads/interviews on the real life case

Tyler, Texas - Holly's home town

Bryn Mawr College - site of Holly's university education

University of Pennsylvania - Holly and Ira lived and worked in this area 1972-1977

Fire Island - favourite New York sailing location for Holly's final boyfriend, Saul Lapidus

Some of the '60s and '70s songs featured prominently in the film:

  • Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf (opening credits)
  • Rock Me by Steppenwolf (Holly looks out of place at a party at the beginning of the film)
  • Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and the Shondells (Holly and Ira's candlelit couch romance)
Notes: As at October 2002, Ira Einhorn is once again behind bars in the USA following his retrial and conviction for the 1977 murder of Holly Maddux.

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