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Betty helps Rita to discover the identity of Diane Selwyn.Diane contemplates her many misfortunes.

Mulholland Drive
"Betty Elms / Diane Selwyn"
Actress / Lover / Amateur Detective
Tragedy / Mystery / Erotic Thriller / Supernatural?
Contemporary Los Angeles, USA.
Art-house movie (2001).

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Movie locations (all in Los Angeles):

  • Mulholland Drive - Filmed on location (likely near Universal City).
  • Rita's night time walk - Mulholland Drive; Runyon Canyon Park; Franklin Ave. 7400 W.; Sunset Blvd. 7200 W., Hollywood.
  • Aunt Ruth's (Betty's) apartment - 1612 Havenhurst is not a valid street address. According to Los Angeles resident Scott Lloyd, the street itself looks quite different in real life compared to how it is shown in the film. According to Los Angeles resident Eric S., it is located at 490 North Sycamore in Los Angeles.
    Download pictures by Los Angeles resident Eric S.
  • Winkies - Caesar's Restaurant 1016 W. El Segundo Blvd., Gardena.

  • Download pictures by Los Angeles resident Scott Lloyd
  • LAX (main LA airport) - Filmed on location, but at the *departures* rather than the arrivals level. Near parking bay 5.
    Download pictures by John Larme.
  • Hollywood Sign - Filmed on location.
  • Ryan Entertainment (exterior) - Banks Huntley building, 634 Spring St., Los Angeles.
  • Hit man eats a hot dog - Pink's Hot Dogs, 709 N. La Brea Blvd., Los Angeles.
  • Adam's mansion - Unknown (but perhaps located at or near number 6980 along Mulholland Drive near Runyon Canyon Park. This property (or one nearby) may belong to director David Lynch). However, Scott Lloyd adds: "I've been to 6980 Mulholland Drive. This area is a small depression just north of the Hollywood Bowl with spectacular views of the 101 Hollywood freeway, a chunk of downtown Hollywood, and the towering hills all round it. It was an empty lot when I first went there, but there are a gaggle of high-end condos in there now. If Lynch owned it -- as I think you once discovered -- he probably made a few bucks on the deal. It is not the location of Adam's house. His is high on the hill looking over the San Fernando Valley. I'd have to show you the geography of the area."
  • Betty's audition (exterior) - Paramount Studios, 5555 Melrose Ave., Hollywood.
  • Sierra Bonita apartments - 2900 Griffith Park Blvd., Silver Lake.

  • Download pictures by Los Angeles resident Scott Lloyd
  • Club Silencio (exterior) - Palace Newsreel Theatre, 630 S. Broadway, Los Angeles (directly across the road, via a parking lot, from "Ryan Entertainment"). Site 1. Site 2. Site 3.
  • Club Silencio (interior) - Tower Theatre, 802 South Broadway, Los Angeles. Site 1. Site 2.
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Mulholland Drive movie poster signed by: Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring, Justin Theroux, and Ann Miller.


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