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CD 1 RBT Files

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Listed below are the results of a joint effort between myself and The Black Wolf that details all of the 216 RBT files from the first Phantasmagoria cd. To assist in the interpretation and use of this information, please note the following points:

  1. The first column lists the file names without their RBT extensions while the second contains a brief description of each of these files.
  2. File descriptions may seem vague because it is much harder to understand the proper context of an individual RBT as opposed to VMD file.
  3. File sizes are not provided as RBT files are almost always much smaller than VMD files so you should not have to worry about how much hard drive space they will consume.
  4. Where no person is mentioned in a file description, you may assume that the only character concerned is Adrienne.
  5. None of these files depict any of the townspeople with whom it is impossible to talk such as the man with the ball or the woman with the dog! Also, where are the files that show Adrienne standing up from the kitchen table at the very beginning of the game, picking up the fireplace poker, and saying that the barrels in the cellar are dusty? I am sure there are quite a few other scenes missing from this list too. Are they, like the static images of all readable items, contained within RESSCI.001? If this is true, why could they not be included with the other RBT files in the ROBOT directory on cd #1? These are some questions that may never be answered....

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90	"Phantasmagoria" flickering across screen
91	Sierra logo
161	Closes drawer after picking up matches
162	Picks up matches
170	Opens fridge and eats
212	Pulls aside rug
213	Stands after pulling aside rug
220	Crouches
222	Stands from a crouching position
230	Pries open trapdoor
240	Opens trapdoor
260	Closes trapdoor
270	Opens trapdoor
271	Opens trapdoor
300	Exits mansion through back door
301	Enters mansion through back door
340	Stokes fire
380	Looks at Marie's portrait
401	Looks in dining room mirror
410	Tries to open door
420	Tries to open door
430	Exits mansion through front doors
432	Enters mansion through front doors
436	Walks upstairs
437	Walks downstairs
438	Walks upstairs
439	Walks downstairs
450	Looks upwards
451	Walking
460	Walking
461	Puts absinthe bottle back behind bar
462	Examines absinthe bottle
470	Walks upstairs
471	Walks downstairs
490	Cuddles Spazz
500	Hears token clinking
501	Puts token in fortune telling machine
502	Picks up fortune
503	Throws away fortune
510	Looks for another token
520	Winds up piano
530	Lights match then goes into cellar
540	Walks upstairs
542	Lights match to light lamp
543	Has match extinguished on cellar stairs
550	Decides its too dark to descend into cellar
570	Fidgeting
580	Tastes wine from barrel
611	Overhead view of Adrienne
612	Leaves miniature dungeon
620	Examines manacles in dungeon
631	Peers into wine vat
660	Walks upstairs
730	Walks downstairs
740	Walks upstairs
842	Opens ruby ring case
844	Walks up to Carno's jewellery box
845	Opens jewellery box
846	Closes jewellery box
847	Closes drawer
860	Opens drawer
861	Closes drawer in Carno's bedroom
890	Sits on Marie's bed
920	Picks up tarot cards
940	Opens Marie's drawer
941	Closes Marie's drawer
942	Picks up Marie's love letter
943	Puts Marie's love letter back in drawer
980	Looks in Marie's bedroom mirror
1000	Studies Marie's portrait
1011	Don comments on clogged drains then asks for wrench
1014	Don nurses hurt hand then mentions need for drain cleaner
1015	Enters darkroom for first time
1021	Asks Don when photolab will be finished
1030	Don asks Adrienne, "...will you let me work?"	
1040	Turns on sink in darkroom while Don is under it
1041	Sees result of turning on sink in darkroom
1061	Don warns Adrienne that the lamp is not yet secure
1080	Spots Don studying blueprints
1084	Don puts down blueprints and talks to Adrienne
1091	Don snaps at Adrienne then apologises while putting up shelf
1101	Asks if the sink is still clogged
1110	Greets Don who is working under sink
1111	"Tickles" Don which causes him to bump his head
1120	Calls out to Don with no success
1121	Walking
1130	Receives electric shock from chair in collectibles room
1140	Looks in collectibles room mirror
1150	Attempts to turn on gramophone
1160	Looks at gramophone
1170	Walks upstairs
1171	Walks downstairs
1180	Tries to open door
1181	Tries to open door
1182	Peers into keyhole
1183	Comments that "...there's a key stuck in the keyhole"
1190	Comments that "...there's a key stuck in the keyhole"
1191	Peers into keyhole
1221	Touches ectoplasm
1260	Picks up teddy bear
1261	Teddy bear's head falls off
1262	Picks up teddy bear's head and replaces it
1282	Picks up Leonora's painting
1283	Puts down Leonora's painting
1292	Studies painting of demon
1297	Standing
1305	Picks up Hortencia's apron
1311	Expresses confusion over conservatory object
1380	Notices her laptop computer still turned on
1400	Talks to Don who is relaxing in bed reading a book
1420	Turns on sink in bathroom
1430	Looks in bathroom mirror
1450	Reaches for a toiletry
1460	Brushes her hair
1470	Uses hand cream
1480	Uses compact
1530	Knocks on bathroom door while that room is occupied by Don
1551	Approaches Don who still complains about clogged drain
1561	Walking
1570	Walks upstairs
1571	Walks downstairs
1601	Gets out of car
1603	Gets into car
1610	Comments that it would be best to use car to go to town
1621	Tries to open barn doors - view from inside
1630	Tries to open barn doors
1631	Tries to open barn doors
1632	Tries to open barn doors
1640	Investigating
1670	Looks into chasm
1690	Looks into chasm and decides not to jump
1700    Car pulls into lot
1710	Car pulls out of lot
1720	Tries to open door
1730	Investigating
1731	Investigating
1740	Cuddles basset hound
1760	Tries to open door
1770	Tries to open door of general store
1780	Enters realtor's office 
1781	Exits realtor's office
1790	Looks at store's closed sign 
1791	Looks at store's closed sign
1798	Enters realtor's office
1799	Exits realtor's office
1802	Bob greets Adrienne
1803	Tells Bob what file to look up - "Gordon, Donald Gordon"
1804	Bob looks up the Gordon file
1808	Bob and Adrienne engage in small talk
1809	Stands up from chair at Bob's desk
1810	Asks Bob about extra keys for Carnovasch Estate - normal
1820	Opens Bob's filing cabinet
1821	Retrieves key from Bob's files
1840	Sits down near magazine table at realtor's
1861	Riffles through a magazine
1870	Gets a drink of water at realtor's
1880	Asks Bob about extra keys for Carnovasch Estate - extra sarcastic
1890	Asks if she can still look for extra keys to Carnovasch Estate
1900	Bob asks Adrienne what she wants
1901	Tells Bob she is merely looking around
1902	Bob Thompkins
1910	Surprised by Malcolm's dog
1930	Opens Malcolm's mailbox and takes out letter
1931	Closes Malcolm's mailbox and replaces letter
1940	Tries unsuccessfully to tame Malcolm's dog
1960	Tries to open theatre door with key
1970	Tries to open door to staircase to fourth floor using wrong key
1980	Uses right key to locked library door
2000	Walking
2001	Picks up letter opener
2002	Walking
2020	Opens drawer containing Carno's note
2021	Picks up Carno's note
2022	Puts back Carno's note
2023	Closes drawer containing  Carno's note
2029	Looks at book titles in library
2030	Reads book titles aloud
2040	Opens the "Illusionist  Quarterly"
2041	Closes the "Illusionist Quarterly"
2051	Looks at disused fireplace in library
2070	Looks at disused fireplace in library
2071	Looks through fireplace hole and tries to remove more bricks using bare hands
2072	Looks at hole in fireplace
2080	Tries to remove fireplace bricks using poker
2090	Tries to remove fireplace bricks using hammer
2110	Enters hole in fireplace
2130	Enters chapel
2131	Approaches and reaches altar
2132	Approaches and reaches altar
2152	Opens family Bible - first time 
2154	Opens family Bible - first time
2155	Closes family Bible
2157	Closes family Bible
2160	Opens family Bible - second and subsequent times
2161	Closes family Bible
2190	Removes Bible from box on altar
2220	Debates if she should take spellbook
2230	Decides to leave spellbook in box
2240	Enters chapel
2241	Exits chapel
2242	Steps down from altar
2361	Asks, "Wait!  Did I do something wrong?" - belongs in ch2!
2701	Opens shop door
3160	Calls out, "Hello?"
3161	Calls out, "Hello?  Anyone in here?"
3542	Tries to open door
3580    Places newspaper under door
3700	Walking
3701	Fidgeting
4900	Picks up cigarette case
4902	Puts back cigarette case
4961	Gets a drink of water
5500	Hears Marie call out to Gaston - belongs in ch6!
10120	Hands wrench to Don
12922	Studies painting of demon
50400	Fortune telling machine deals out cards	

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