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The Phantasmagoria Desktop Theme file is no longer available. This page is retained for historical interest only.

Enliven your Windows 95 desktop with my Phantasmagoria Desktop Theme for Windows 95. Microsoft Plus! is recommended for ease of installation, but it is not essential. Theme components include wallpaper similar to the picture shown above, icons, animated cursors, sounds, and even a screen saver! All components are highly relevant to the game, so I urge all serious Phantasmagoria players who use Windows 95 to try it out. Once you have downloaded the Phantasmagoria Desktop Theme, double click on phanthme.exe (a 32-bit self-extracting archive), and follow all on screen prompts.

If you are having trouble installing the screen saver component, please consult the file PHREADME.TXT that is displayed during the Theme installation process and will be found in your Themes folder (probably C:\Program Files\Plus!\Themes\) thereafter. Briefly, what you need to do is to set up one of the screen savers provided with Windows 95 ("Scrolling Marquee") so that particular text written in a special font will be displayed on screen. When you have followed the instructions provided in PHREADME.TXT, click on the Start button and then select Settings - Control Panel - Display - Screen Saver. If the screen saver has not already been set to "Scrolling Marquee", change it to this setting and be sure to set a suitable wait period.

If you do not have Plus!, you can install all my Theme components individually or download a small Plus! emulator (Desktop Themes) from ftp.lss.com.au or ftp.livewire.com.au.

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