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Jane shops for food at Sunrise Market
It bothers me to see that you're in pain.  I could get you something from the market?
- Jane

Example of a Sunrise Market shopping bag.  True to the information provided on both scans on this page, this shop is indeed located at 300 Powell Street, just a few minutes walk up Gore Avenue from Railtown Studios.  As is implied by the writing on the bag, this shop is run by members of Vancouver's large Chinese ethnic community.  Sunrise Market, in addition to being crowded with all types of fresh Western food, is also the place to go if you wish to purchase exotic Chinese edible and medicinal substances.

My receipt from my purchase of two punnets of strawberries from Sunrise Market.  You can see where this fruit is located immediately to the left of Jane in the screenshot at the top of this page.  To pay for these goods, I stood at the same counter as in the foreground of the shot.

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