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Jane and Frank's romantic candle-lit dinner at the Alibi Room
When I saw you at the Alibi Room, I couldn't believe my eyes.  I thought you were there to meet me.  Maybe you were, huh?  Just didn't know it.
- Peter

Sidewalk advertising sign located right outside the front door of the Alibi Room at 157 Alexander Street.  This trendy Gastown restaurant popular with those working in the film industry was used in PoV for three purposes:  a nightclub (Nimble Hippo) in chapters 3 and 5; a cafe (Alibi Room) in chapter 4; and a restaurant (unnamed) in chapter 10.  Nightclub scenes were filmed in the small downstairs vodka lounge and the others were filmed at carefully selected locations in the main eating area - a table next to the large window overlooking the sidewalk in chapter 4, and a platform area at the rear of the main eating area in chapter 10.  In the screenshot at the top of this page, the metal framework in the foreground is part of the stairs that lead down to the vodka lounge and you can see Jane and Frank seated at the right of the platform area next to a bookshelf filled with film scripts.

I visited the Alibi Room to eat on two occasions - once during the afternoon and once at night.  At the afternoon visit, I sat next to the table where Jane and Peter sit in chapter 4.  At night, I sat next to the table where Frank and Jane sit in chapter 10.  The food and drink on offer is wide and varied.  Its quality is excellent and the service is friendly and efficient, but the prices are very expensive.  "Sandhill" is local British Columbian red wine.  Night time ambience at the Alibi Room is exactly the same as you can see in chapter 10 or in the screenshot at the top of this page.

Autographed Payton Rule poster similar to those seen on the Nimble Hippo sign in chapter 3.

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