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Please see the following books for additional information regarding Heavenly Creatures and related issues:
  • Forster, M. Daughters of Heaven. Wellington: Victoria University Press, 1992.
  • Glamuzina, J., and Laurie, A. J. Parker and Hulme: A Lesbian View. Ithaca, NY: Firebrand Books, 1995.
  • McDonnell, B. Fresh Approaches to Film. Auckland: Longman, 1998.
Search for these texts wherever books are sold online such as at:


The creator of the Heavenly Creatures Frequently Asked Questions Website, Adam Abrams, wishes to say:

"A PhD thesis comparison (to the HC FAQ) may be more apt than you think, for I believe John Porter, who wrote the original FAQ, was an academic in Berkeley, California.  His email address was from a University of California at Berkeley domain.  I know little about him, but here's the basic outline of what happened:

In 1995, I was still in the throes of my obsession with HC when I came in contact with Porter through email.  It must have been on a movie newsgroup or something since I had no Website yet.  He was working up a FAQ on Heavenly Creatures - and I gladly shared some observations of mine with him.  We went back and forth, comparing notes, and finally the document was ready - he posted it to the newsgroup.  It was a revelation!  I devoured the whole thing in one long late-night reading session and revelled in all the background info about my favourite film.  There were still some major gaps in it though.  Some months later, Porter corrected this with a major revision of the FAQ.  Even more info and commentary.

Around this time I was starting to get interested in this whole "web page" phenomenon.  I wanted to build one of my own.  But what to use as my topic?  I was reading the HC FAQ and noticing all the cross-references (i.e. "see secton 4.6.1 for further analysis").  The idea of simply hyper-linking all those references was enough to convince me that I should "web-ify" the document.  Porter gave his OK and I jumped on the task.

I had HC FAQ on the brain.  Late nights of editing the long document and breaking it into segments, then adding HTML code.  All, I might add, in a text editor, at least at first.  Later I used a shareware HTML coding program, but it was quite basic and a far cry from today's robust site management tools.  I built this site with my bare hands!

I still remember the evening I was ready to upload my site.  Believe it or not, I hadn't yet checked to see if there was anything similar out there.  So I was shocked to discover Bryan Woodworth's "HC Rocked My World!" site.  My first reaction was frankly, disappointment that I wasn't first!  But I soon realized that Bryan's site complemented mine - it was more of an appreciation and not a compendium of facts.  Soon I was in regular contact with Bryan, and was one of the first members of the HC mailing list - which he set up.

Meanwhile, John Porter had not been heard from in a while.  In fact, I could no longer track him down at all!  His email no longer worked and I ceased to hear from him.  I'd embellished his work with photo galleries, sound clips, a news page, etc., but his writing was still the core of my site.  I only recall one brief contact from him after that, then nothing.  I even called a John Porter listed in the Berkeley phone book and left a message, but never heard anything back.

Until this point, I'd felt like any changes to the FAQ should be cleared with the author, but at this point I took custodianship of it and considered it my responsibility.  I made additional corrections to errors of fact as they were pointed out to me over time by email correspondents, but at this point it's basically a finished document.

I never did hear back from Mr. Porter.  But I'd say your PhD guess is probably spot-on - besides the clue from his email address, his whole approach as well as his writing style is that of an informed academic with a lot of experience in research and writing under his belt.  I am certainly grateful to him for his efforts without which my HC site would have been but a pale shadow of the fact-filled reference it is now."

Interview with Adam Abrams

© Anthony Larme 2001