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File Full Name Count Began *
counter.html Counter Page 96-03-13
feedback.html Feedback 97-08-08
index.html Phantasmagoria Anthology 95-12-03

* Phantasmagoria 2 Overview Memorial *

File Full Name Count Began *
p2bloopers.html Bloopers 97-04-29
p2censor.html Censored Scenes 97-06-26
p2drink.html Drinking Game 97-08-24
p2duk.html DUK Movie List 96-12-30
p2eggs.html Easter Eggs 97-04-14
p2info.html Information Anthology 96-08-24
p2intdb.html Don Berg Interview 97-03-19
p2intls.html Lorelei Shannon Interview 97-02-02
p2inttw.html Tim Weiss Interview 97-02-08
p2intwp.html Wes Plate Interview 97-02-12
p2quiz.html Quiz 97-06-06
phantas2.html Title 96-08-24

* Review of Phantasmagoria Memorial *

File Full Name Count Began *
phadri.html Adrienne Delaney 95-11-28
phantas.html Title 95-11-28
phban.html Banned! 96-03-10
phbegin.html Introduction 96-01-05
phcarno.html Zoltan "Carno" Carnovasch 95-11-28
phcheats.html Cheats and Easter Eggs 96-02-18
phci.html Censorship Issues 95-12-14
phdanger.html Dangerous Games? 97-07-19
phdemon.html The Demon 95-12-04
phdon.html Donald Gordon 95-11-28
phdrink.html Drinking Game 95-12-14
phfilm.html Filmographies 96-03-18
phfuss.html Controversial Scenes 96-01-30
phgame.html Gameplay 95-11-28
phguide.html Computer Games Ratings Guide 96-03-02
phintgtp.html Greg Tomko-Pavia Interview 96-08-24
phintrw.html Roberta Williams Interview 97-11-21
phls.html Losing Scenarios 96-01-01
phmc.html Main Characters 95-11-28
phmisc.html Miscellanea 95-12-14
phplot.html Plot Synopsis 95-11-28
phpr.html Percentage Ratings 95-12-14
phquiz.html Quiz 97-06-06
phrbt1.html CD 1 RBT Files 96-04-25
phreport.html Report on Video and Computer Games 96-02-26
phsenate.html Submission to Senate Committee 97-05-25
phsg.html Strategy Guides 95-12-14
phssp.html Accolades 96-10-17
phsv.html Sound and Visual Effects 95-11-28
phtheme.html Desktop Theme 97-05-01
phuqb.html Unanswered Questions and Bloopers 96-01-06
phvmd.html VMD Movie List 96-02-18
phwalk.html Walkthrough 96-02-08

* Every single count ended at some unknown point in May 2000. All these highly accurate numbers, each of which began incrementing at their associated page's first placement on the Internet, were reset to "0" without my permission and without any warning by my former ISP (OzEmail) while I was still a member in good standing. This disastrous situation had never happened before in the life of this site. I do not know why the reset occurred, and, regrettably, I did not keep regular records regarding the progress of the count.

From my vague recollections, the main page for each game (i.e phantas.html and phantas2.html) had each received approximately 100,000 hits, some of the most popular content pages (e.g phcheats.html, phci.html, p2eggs.html, and p2info.html) around 80,000 hits each, and the rest averaged about 50,000 hits.

The Phantasmagoria games and associated issues are not as popular as they used to be, so it would be imagined that the current counts, if implemented, would increment quite slowly. As I do not want to start the counts again via any method, please accept the "Count Began" dates as merely indicating when each listed page first appeared on the Internet.


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